Wilford Greenway

Route of the Greenway:

Coronation Avenue

This is a community project to create a beautiful nature trail along the historic Great Central Railway line as it passes through Wilford. 
The Greenway runs along 0.6 miles  the disused railway embankment between Coronation Avenue and Wilford Lane - it is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).
Local residents are actively engaged in the preservation and ​care for the trail which is currently being arduously and caregully re-established by hand.
The first phase has been to open up access between the upper and lower railway bridges. Currently only reachable via steep climbs. The extension of phase one is to continue north and south beyond the original route.
The second phase is to create an accessible route from Coronation Avenue up the low gradient of the embankment to meet the extension of the first phase.
The third phase is to continue south to reach Wilford Lane Tram Stop and Wilford Lane.
The final phase will be to formalise the route and provide amenities and beautification along the route.

The northern, accesible entrance to the route.


Allotment Path Bridge

Stepped entrance to route.



Path Bridge

The northern, accesible entrance to the route.


Wilford Lane Tram

Stepped entrance to route.

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About Us:

Wilford Community Group 

is run by an elected committee and holds monthly meetings which are open to all  Wilford residents.

Its aim is to promote the interests of local residents and to build a stronger sense of community.

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