Wilford Greenway

Route of the Greenway:

Coronation Avenue

The Wilford Greenway project is designed to return the existing path which runs along the old railway embankment, guided by a desire to restore a cherished local space which was previously accessible for responsible pedestrian use.
For several decades, the railway embankment served continuous use as a beautiful and tranquil nature trail; longer than any of us have lived in the area, and longer still than some of us have even been alive! To many, it remains a cherished local space, holding memories of scenic walks along its top.
The Greenway runs along 0.6 miles  the disused railway embankment between Coronation Avenue and Wilford Lane - it is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) granting it some basic protection from development.
Local residents are actively engaged in the preservation and ​care for the trail which is currently being arduously and carefully re-established by hand.
The priority has been to reestablish the accessible and secure main route down the centre of the embankment and to prevent access to rudimentary routes that have appeared going, unsafely, directly along the side of the bank.
The second aim is to reestablish intermediary access between the upper and lower railway bridges where previously installed access has been lost due to neglect over several years.
Finally to ensure that both already established access points at Wilford Lane and Coronation Avenue are safe and to prevent unsafe access directly from the tram lines. 
Winter Update:
During the summer, we started working as a group of local volunteers to reestablish the disused railway nature trail which runs adjacent to the tramlines. At this point, we saw an increase in people enjoying the trail amongst the secluding foliage, however some walkers voiced their concern that, as the leaves fell, the privacy of neighbouring houses would need to be looked into. We thoroughly agreed and, since then, the project was put on hold to observe the difference to privacy which the fallen leaves might bring.
We have now been up the embankment once more to investigate these differences, examine potential impacts, and look into solutions where needed. We are now writing to you to communicate the project intentions, explain why we see current issues having a negative impact on your privacy, why we are confident that restoring the original route will alleviate these issues, and offer a personal dialogue for any further discussions.
This page is hosted for free by the Wilford Community Group on behalf of local volunteers. Local groups are welcomed to share information they would like to be published online. This does not incinuate that the Community Group supports such volunteer work.

The northern, already established, entrance to the route.


Allotment Path Bridge

Stepped entrance to route.



Path Bridge

Lower gradient ramped entrance to the route,.


Wilford Lane Tram

The southern, already established, 

entrance to the route.

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