adult's hunt ANSWERS


Q1 - What is the E.D of the Glebe Cottages? 

Erection Date 1887

Q2 - How many Glebe Cottages are there?


Q3 - Who is the Church Hall named after?

The Benjamin Carter Church Hall

Q4 - Which council is responsible for the Graveyard besides the Church Paddock?

Rushcliffe Borough Council / Nottinghamshire County Council

Q5 - Which branch of the military was A. H. Iremonger in and what rank did he hold?

Royal Air Force 

(the graveyard is hidden between the main churchyard and county graveyard)

Q6 - Now behind bars, which Foreign Leader did the infamous local sailor work for? 

Czar of Muscovy

Q7 - Which year was the Henry Kirke White Gazebo built?


Q8 - Which royal bird features on the Moderns Rugby Club Coat of Arms?


Q9 - In which year was The Ferry Inn given its current name?


Q10 - How many official trees are there in the Community Orchard?


Q11 - Who are the brothers Iremongers Pond was named to honour?

Albert and James (Jim)

Q12 - Which saint is the local Catholic Primary School named after?

St. Patrick


Q13 - Which kind of fruity trees can you find "housed" on the Green?


Q14 - The Almshouses here were built by which famous local pharmaceutical family?


Q15 - Which organisation supported the redevelopment of the Old School?

Carters Educational Foundation (/Trust)

Q16 - What do you get if you double the house number of the White School House and divide by the number of trees on the triangular School Green?


Q17 - What is the numerical difference between the number of trees and number of metal bees on the bee bank?


Q18 - Which prestigious national award has Iremongers Pond received?

Green Flag Award


Q19 - How often does the Wilford Community Group meet?

Once monthly (under normal circumstances)


Q20 - Which Diocese is St Wilfrid’s Church a part of?


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