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Holme pierREpont


Venture away from the city on this longer but easy walk.

This easy walk takes you on an enjoyable but energetic walk along the River Trent, eastwards out of the city and towards Holme Pierrepont. Venturing around the Regatta Lake provides a welcome reward for anyone willing to walk all the way - two areas of natural beauty and wildlife, as well as the interesting sight of the Sluice Gates and Holme Lock on the Trent. This is an easy to navigate walk with the opportunity to shorten for ease and to go off track in the name of adventure.

Rough length:

8.2 miles

2 hours 45 minutes


Some short but unavoidable off-path track. Not recommended for wheelchairs or pushchair users.


- Trent Bridge and City Ground

- Holme Lock and Sluice Gates

- National Water Sports Centre

- Skylarks Nature Reserve

Holme Pierpont.jpg


We suggest you start at the eastern end of Coronation Avenue, where the road meets the tram tracks.

Step 1

Follow the flood embankment path continuing straight from the end of Coronation Avenue, across the tram tracks. Following the river, you will remain on this path for 3.2 miles (roughly 1 hour). However, there are numerous points along the way where some direction may be appreciated. After 0.6 miles (roughly 10 minutes), you will have reached Wilford Suspension Bridge - take a sharp right, left to cross in front of the bridge, followed by another left to bring you back to the riverside. Continue along the riverside path.

Step 2

Remain on the riverside path, enjoying views of the War Memorial across the river and County Hall on your right. Once you have passed County Hall and reached Trent Bridge, the path will veer to the right up towards the road. Follow the path directly on your left continuing on the riverside and through the arches below Trent Bridge. Remain on this path as it joins Trentside North (road), continuing past (and below) the City Ground. Continue as you pass over Grantham Canal and past the Environment Agency on your right. Pass under Lady Bay Bridge. Remain on this path for 1.4 miles (roughly 30 minutes) until you reach the Nottingham Sailing Club on your right-hand side.

Step 3

Remain on the riverbank walking eastwards past the Nottingham Sailing Club - you will eventually rejoin the formal path (this is a public right of way, be reassured - you are not trespassing).​ Remain on this path, bankside, for 0.5 miles (roughly 8 minutes). You will eventually meet Holme Pierrepont White Water Course Centre on your right. Remaining on the path at the side of the river, cross the small inlet bridge and follow the path diagonally to your left bringing you to the bridge crossing the start of the white watercourse. You may wish to walk alongside the water course to enjoy any rafters. When you are ready to continue, follow the path continuing at the riverside. Remain on this path until you reach Holme Lock - follow the path to your right, marked with a '4km' signpost and opposite the Holme Lock information panel, bringing you over the white water course and down to the Regatta Lake (rowing lake).

Step 4 * / **

Follow the path around the Regatta Lake to your left - 0.5 miles. When you reach the end, follow the path around and continue on the opposite side until you reach the southernmost point - 0.9 miles, the length of the Olympic rowing lake. Reaching the southern end, follow the path around to the right, continuing around the cut-off corner. Shortly after coming around the cut-off corner, take the sharp left turn towards the top of the verge and scoreboard.

Step 5

Taking this turn will bring you back up to the top of the hill with the scoreboard on your right. When you reach the top of the verge and the path opens up wide to the right, follow the further right turn to cross the car park along the tree-lined central path bringing you to the river.

Step 6

Turn left and follow the river path - remaining on the path as per steps 3 through 1 (in reverse). Remain on ​this path for 3.2 miles (roughly 1 hour). When you come to the end of the flood embankments alongside Willow Meadow and the Emmanuel School, you will reach Coronation Avenue and, as such, the start point.

- - - - - -

Alternative Shorter Route *

The Holme Pierrepont Rowing Lake is 1500 metres (0.93 miles) in length - to walk around the entire ​lake would take around 45 minutes. For a shorter route focusing mainly on the riverside portion of the walk, follow the footpath on your right rather than Step 4. After 0.2 miles (roughly 6 minutes) take the gradual path up to the top of the verge. Continue from Step 5.

Alternative Wildlife Route **

Follow the path around the rowing lake to your left for 0.25 miles (roughly 6 minutes) until you meet a group of trees on your left shielding a pond behind. Follow to the left around the pond. Remain on this rough path as it comes around the right bend of the river. After some time, the path will split, with one continuing straight on and the other turning sharply to the right - follow this path, back towards the rowing lake (crossing another rough path intersecting yours).


Meeting the north-east corner of the rowing lake, continue south along the path as it passes between the Regatta Lake and waterboarding lake. Shortly after the end of the waterboarding lake on your left, follow a sharp left turn veering away from the rowing lake. As you walk up this path, on your right is the entrance to a small path (across the footgolf course) bringing you to a bird watching pier/hide and running alongside the Skylarks Nature Reserve.


Follow the path to your right, winding through the wooded area, past an interesting boardwalk platform, and bringing you to a fence ahead of Adbolton Lane and another footpath continuing on your right. Follow this path. Immediately upon crossing a small bridge. continue straight ahead towards the Regatta Lake. Once you meet the lake, turn left and follow the path around the lake. Reaching the southern end, follow the path around to the right, continuing around the cut-off corner. Shortly after coming around the cut-off corner, take the sharp left turn towards the top of the verge and scoreboard. Continue from Step 5.

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