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Wilford Community Group

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The Community Group was established in 2002, with the following aims:

  • To promote the interests of tenants and residents and campaign for improvements to housing conditions, services and the environment

  • To encourage the involvement of tenants and residents in the presentation and improvement of Wilford’s amenities

  • To provide representation of the interests of tenants and residents when dealing with Local Authorities and other bodies

  • To organise local events to encourage a community spirit


The Group is run by an elected Committee and holds monthly meetings which are open to all Wilford residents. The Group is closely associated with other local groups and organisations, most notably the Iremongers Pond Association, having established the Association in 2007. The Group also works closely with St Wilfrid's Church and the local Primary and Secondary Schools in working communally towards a common ambition of a better community and area to live in.

A copy of the Community Group's Constitution can be viewed here.


The Community Group Committee meets on the third Monday of every month in The Barn, at The Ferry Inn, Main Road.

All local residents are welcome to attend and get involved.


Details on how are available at the bottom of the page.

The agenda for the next meeting will be available below:

For any items to be considered in Any Other Business, please email us in advance:

Previous Meeting Minutes



Sophie Blaken


Main Road


NG11 7AA

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 19.12.48_edite


Daniel Atherton

Vernon Avenue
NG11 7AE




Jude Nicholas


Main Road


NG11 7AJ


Terri Slade

Get Involved:

Monthly Committee Meetings are open to the public to participate in.

However, to have voting power when it comes to important decisions, you must be a Committee Member. 

Members are voted onto the Committee at each Annual General Meeting,

though you may join at any point during the year - simply express your interest to any of the Committee.

The Committee Nomination Form can be viewed here (Word Document) and here (PDF).

To join the Committee, you will need two nominations (signatures) from fellow residents in Wilford.

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