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Fairham Brook


Explore new corners of our community and take a stroll away from the roads and along a babbling brook.

This easy circular walk takes you along the tram track as well as Fairham Brook, a picturesque babbling brook where you can take the time to relax and listen to nature.  Along the way is Silverdale Community Centre with a large outdoor children's play area in addition to large playing fields. The wooded areas around Fairham Brook are a popular nature area for safe exploring and games.

Rough length:

2.2 miles

45 minutes


Accessible route available. Two stiles may be difficult for some motorised or larger wheelchairs and impassable steps at northern end of brook for full route.

Some crossing of roads, none are regularly busy.


- Easy and all accessible route

- Fairham Brook, a quiet natural spot

Fairham Walk.jpg


We suggest you start at the south-west edge of Ruddington Lane Park, on Ruddington Lane.

Step 1

Follow the path east along the southern edge of Ruddington Lane Park until you reach the tram tracks. Cross the tracks and follow the path south (to your right) alongside the tram tracks for 0.4 miles (roughly 8 minutes) until you reach Ruddington Lane Tram Stop.

Step 2

Cross over the tram tracks to your right then cross Ruddington Lane to your left and continue to follow the path by the tram tracks south as it goes below the A52/Clifton Boulevard. Continue to follow the path for 0.4 miles (roughly 8 minutes), following it as it pulls away from the tram tracks to your right, until you reach the south-west corner of Silverdale Estate - signalled by yellow paving across the path and a T-Junction.

Step 3

Follow the path to the right going northwards through trees alongside Fairham Brook. Take the first right over Fairham Brook followed by the immediate left to go alongside Fairham Brook, ignoring a right/straight turn away from the brook.

Step 4 *

Follow the path alongside Fairham Brook for 0.6 miles (roughly 11 minutes), ignoring any junctions away from the brook, until the path bends to the right as the brook continues beneath Clifton Lane/Bridge and brings you up the slight embankment to the Silverdale Island / Clifton Bridge Flyover. ​

Step 5

Follow the pavement to your right reaching Westerfield Way. Cross the road and follow it diagonally on your left (you will see trees on the opposite side of the road from you on your left). Follow this road as it goes around the corner to your right onto Brookthorpe Way. Shortly after, cross over to take the first road on your left, Radway Drive. Continue straight on Radway Drive until it reaches a T-Junction with Lythe Close on your left and Newholm Drive on your right. Follow Newholm Drive for 0.1 miles (roughly 3 minutes) until the subway under Clifton Boulevard on your left. Go down the steps on your left to reach the entrance of the subway.

Step 6

Go through the subway. At the other end of the subway reaching Launceston Crescent. Follow the road to your left until you reach Ruddington Lane. Staying on this side of the road, follow Ruddington Lane to your left until you reach the zebra crossing - cross here and you will have reached the start point.

- - - - - -

Alternative Accessible Route *

Follow the path alongside Fairham Brook for 0.2 miles (roughly 4 minutes), until the path veers away from the brook with a turn to the left. Continue on the main path on your right, bringing you up to the junction of Brookthorpe Way, The Downs (road) and Monksway (road). Cross over The Downs, followed by Monksway, and follow Brookthorpe Way on your left for 0.3 miles (roughly 5 minutes) until you reach Somerton Avenue. Turn right onto Somerton Avenue, remaining on the right side of the road until you reach the end T-Junction. Cross Newholm Drive, directly in front of you, to reach the ramped entrance fot the subway. Continue from Step 6.

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