Clifton GROVE


Enjoy a historic route along the River Trent to and from Clifton.

Clifton Grove revolves around the old bridleway between Clifton Hall and the village with Wilford Village and the crossing point to Nottingham. Enjoy the natural riverside route with views over the unspoilt stretch of the river, then venture through the historic forest between Clifton and Wilford. Take the opportunity to visit some of the picturesque spots in Clifton Village too, including Clifton Hall and St Mary's Church.

Rough length:

4.3 miles

1 hour, 25 minutes


Some off-path area, not appropriate for wheelchairs/pushchairs. Can be difficult and slippery in wet weather


- Trent Riverside

- Clifton Grove

- Clifton Village


We suggest you start at Wilford Crossroads, north-west corner alonside the Wilford Farm Harvester.

Step 1

Follow Clifton Lane west, towards Clifton Bridge, on the north side of the road until, shortly after the Harvester's Car Park, you can join the path to the right on top of the flood embankment. Follow this path left, westbound and down a slight decline to continue under Clifton Bridge until shortly before Trent River Walk Car Park. Follow the path to the right until you reach Fairham Brook.

Step 2

Once you have crossed Fairham Brook, continue along this path for just over 0.7 miles (roughly 15 minutes) until, shortly after the end of the farmer's field on your left, you reach a slight fork in the path. Follow the path on your right, remaining alongside the river and below the gradual bank/cliff on your left.​ Remain on this path for one mile. Enjoy the views across the river and the occasional bit of history dug into the path below you and the cliff to your side.

Step 3

Eventually, you will reach a Y-Junction in the path. Follow the left path taking you up-hill towards Clifton Village, bringing you to Holgate (road). To your right, you will see the converted old stables of Clifton Hall. You will want the next left-hand turn (there may be a wooden gate to open) ​to follow the grove path back towards Wilford, sharply on your right is Clifton Hall Drive and the entrance to St Mary's Church. On your left is a car park (Signposted: City of Nottingham River Users Car Park). Entering the car park, on your immediate right hand side in the corner, cross through the stile to meet the Clifton Grove path continuing to your left - follow this path.


Step 4

Continue along Clifton Grove for​ one mile until you reach the junction encountered in Step 2. Continue straight on towards Wilford. Remain on this path for just over 0.7 miles (roughly 15 minutes) until you come back to Fairham Brook. Crossing the brook, continue on the left-hand side to remain on the path back to Wilford Crossroads. Remaining on the path under Clifton Bridge, follow the right-hand path as it returns to the top of the flood embankment. Reaching the top, take the immediate right turn to come to Clifton Lane. Following the road to the left, past the Harvester, you will have reached the start point.

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