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Nottingham Canal


Enjoy the easy to navigate and tranquil path along Nottingham's Canal.

The Nottingham Canal cuts straight through the city centre with tranquil and picturesque moments along the route. An easy route for those needing to 'pop' into town but prefer wish to combine this with an enjoyable walk. Three options make for a shorter or longer route depending on how energetic you are feeling.

Rough length:

5 miles

1 hour, 45 minutes


All of path paved, one non-lit crossing point, unavoidable but widely-spaced steps at three points along route. Not recommended for wheelchairs or pushchair users.


- River Leen

- King's Meadow Nature Reserve

- Canalside and Nott Castle

- The City Ground

- Victoria Embankment

- War Memorial and Gardens

Canal Walk.jpg


We suggest you start at the north end of Wilford Toll Bridge.

Step 1

Follow Riverside Way, west and to the left from the Toll Bridge. Upon reaching the Wickes par park on your right, cross over to the pavement passing in front of and to the left of the carpark. Following the pavement round to the left and under the trees, cross Queens Drive at the pelican crossing. Once crossed over, follow the pavement to your right until you reach the crossroad with Crossgate Drive. Taking care, cross over Crossgate Drive straight ahead using the traffic island to the left of the crossing bike-path. Follow the cycle lane on your right along and away from Queens Drive bringing you along the right-hand side of the River Leen onto Birdcage Walk.

Step 2

Follow Birdcage Walk alongside the River Leen for half a mile (roughly 10 minutes) - remaining with the river on your left-hand side, remaining on the path to your left when straight on would otherwise take you to the tram tracks Continue past the unused bridge over the river, ignoring any turns to the right or sharp left over the river, and with King's Meadow Nature Reserve on your right-hand side - until you reach a definite T-Junction with Lenton Lane.

Step 3

Turning right on Lenton Lane, continue over the railway line, until you reach the tram tracks. At this point, cross over Lenton Lane and continue to your right along Lenton Lane - passing Warhammer World and crossing Willow Road. Continue until you reach the bridge over the Nottingham Canal. Take the stairs down immediately on your left-hand side before crossing the bridge and bringing you alongside the canal.


Step 4

Turn right and follow the canal for 1.3 miles (roughly 25 minutes). Enjoy walking past Castle Marina on your right (crossing the inlet on a small pedestrian bridge), HMRC's original location to your left (a large Butlins-esque building), Nottingham Castle on your left and the waterfront and canal houses in the city centre. Pause at the front of the Nottingham Justice Centre (Crown Court). 


Step 5 *

Continue along the side of the canal for 0.4 miles (roughly 8 minutes) until you come to a sharp right turn in the canal. Continue south along this path as it brings you up to road level and around to the left over the canal to bring you to the other side of the canal. Following the steps down to the canalside, continue south along the canal for 0.7 miles (roughly 15 minutes) until you reach the River Trent. At this point, you may wish to pause and appreciate views of the City Ground and Trent Bridge. Turn right and follow the riverside path until you reach Trent Bridge.

Step 6 **

Remain alongside the river, underneath Trent Bridge, bringing you to Victoria Embankment. Continue along Victoria Embankment and the riverside for 1 mile (roughly 20 minutes) until you reach the diagonal path leading to the far right edge of Wilford Toll Bridge. Along the way, enjoy the sights of County Hall, across the river; the War Memorial on your right; Wilford Suspension Bridge; and Willow Meadow, also across the river. When you follow the diagonal path leading to the far right edge of Wilford Toll Bridge, you will have reached the start point.

- - - - - -

Alternative Shorter Route 1 *

For a route lasting only 3.2 miles (roughly 1 hour) rather than following from Step 5, follow the ramp leading up and to the left of the Justice Centre​ to Carrington Street. Turn right and follow Carrington Street, in front of Nottingham Train Station, until you reach the junction with Sheriffs Way. Turn right and, following the cycle route, follow Queensbridge Road - the smaller road running directly parallel to Sheriffs Way and directly in front of Castle Rock Brewery and Karlsruhe House. At the dead-end of this road, follow the pedestrian/cyclist crossing directly in front to bring you over firstly Sheriffs Way and, secondly, Meadows Way. Continuing straight forward alongside the tram tracks due south, you will now be on Queens Walk. Continue walking alongside the tram tracks until you pass Meadows Embankment Tram Stop - you will have reached the start point.

Alternative Shorter Route 2 **

For a route lasting only 4.4 miles (roughly 1 hour 30 minutes) rather than following from Step 6, follow the footpath ramp directly to the right-hand side of Trent Bridge - bringing you to London Road. Turning right, cross over London Road and Arkwright Street. Turn right and follow Arkwright Street until the first pedestrian path on your left, following the edge of the car park, bringing you to Bathley Street. Continue on Bathley Street for 0.5 miles (roughly 10 minutes) until the junction with Wilford Crescent West on your right. Remain on the footpath continuing slightly to the left, bringing you to Victoria Embankment. Continue to your right along Victoria Embankment, bringing you to the tram tracks and Wilford Toll Bridge - you will have reached the start point.

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