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The Peninsula


Venture around the Wilford Peninsula for a touch of nature, tranquillity and adventure!

This route takes you along Gresham Brook and the resulting marshlands, through Willow Meadow and briefly past Iremongers Pond. Then under the Toll Bridge and past the church, resulting in a gentle but longer walk taking you around the outside of the village. 

Rough length:

3 miles

60 minutes


Quite a bit of off-path area, not appropriate for wheelchairs/pushchairs.


- Gresham Brook and Playing Fields

- Gresham Marsh

- Willow Meadow

- Iremongers Pond

- St. Wilfrid's Churchyard

- Trent Riverside

Peninsula Walk.jpg


We suggest you start on the northern edge of Wilford Crossroads, by Main Road.

Step 1

Follow the north side of Wilford Lane eastwards (towards West Bridgford and Nottingham). Continue over the tramlines, past Compton Acres Crossroads and Roko Health Centre for 0.4 miles (roughly 10 minutes). Turn left onto Bede-Ling and continue onto the path at the end to the right. Follow this path for 0.2 miles (roughly 5 minutes), crossing and running beside Gresham Brook until it reaches Gresham Park Road.

Step 2

Follow Gresham Park Road to your left (either on the field or along the path) for 0.1 miles (roughly 3 minutes) until you reach the end of the field and meet the tree-line. At this point, turning right, cross over Gresham Park Road to reach the entry path to Gresham Marsh and boardwalk (at the end of the pavement coming from your left). Follow the boardwalk and subsequent path until you reach the flood embankment path.

Step 3

Turn right along the flood embankment and follow the path with the wall on your left a short way until, at the end of the wall on your left, you meet the riverside. Turn left at the end of the railings (i.e. back on yourself) to follow the natural path alongside the river. Follow this path for 0.3 miles (roughly 5 minutes), eventually, you will see the end of the flood wall directly on your left.​ As the path bends to the left to follow the flood embankment and the end of the flood wall is directly on your left, follow the path to your right through the undergrowth, not into the wooded area, but rather heading towards the far right edge of the railway embankment in the distance. Follow this path, remaining in a straight line and ignoring any turns. Towards the end, you will go through a tree-covered tunnel - continue through until you reach the edge of the railway embankment and, continuing along the path around the right edge of the embankment, Iremongers Pond.

Step 4

Reaching Iremongers Pond and the two benches, follow the path on your right - taking you over the inlet between the river and pond - until you reach Wilford Toll Bridge. Follow the path around and underneath the left-most arch of the bridge. Through this arch, you reach Moderns Rugby Pitch. Continue along the outer-most edge of the field, remaining on the riverside and along the public right of way, until you reach the gravel carpark below the flood embankment. Follow the track ramp up and down on your left, reaching Rectory Drive and the Ferry Inn in the distance ahead. Turn sharp right and you will be facing the back gate to St Wilfrid's Churchyard.

Step 5

Entering St Wilfrid's Churchyard, you have three options of walks to reach the opposite gate. You can either make a sharp left to walk along the hedgerow and line of seasonal bluebells and follow the edge of the graveyard towards the gate or, continuing forwards towards the old gazebo, you can choose to walk around the right-hand side of the church or left, past the grave of Captain John Deane. All paths will eventually reach the gate at the far end. Follow this through to The Paddock and St Wilfrids Church Drive. Continue until you meet the Village Green and Main Road. 

Step 6

Continue south (right) along Main Road, without crossing, for 0.2 miles (roughly 5 minutes) - you will eventually walk up along the Bee Bank.​ As you reach the end of the Bee Bank wall, follow the path through the stile on your right to continue along the riverbank. Continue along this path for 0.3 miles (roughly 6 minutes), remaining on the leftmost path when it eventually splits to remain on the top of the bank. Having passed by the houses and small utility building on your left, you will reach a stile with a small path leading to Clifton Lane on your left. Follow this to the road, turn left and follow Clifton Lane, passing Wilford Farm Harvester Restaurant, until you have reached the crossroads. You will have reached the start point.

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