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Iremongers Pond Association

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Iremongers Pond is a valuable home to an enormous variety of wildlife - from tiny insects to mammals, fish, and birds. 

You’ll be amazed by the number of creatures along the banks, on the pond, and through the treetops. The wildlife you’ll see changes seasonally, so you never know what you might meet. Make sure you stick to the designated paths and keep plenty of distance between yourself and anything you may spot - you don’t want to scare them off or hurt them!

Details of the wildlife you can expect to see at the pond can be seen on two information boards we have. Our 'Wildlife Waypoint' is situated next to our dipping platform on the southeast corner of the pond. The second can be found between the swales and our Cherry Tree grove on the easternmost point of the Iremongers Pond location.

Some pictures we have collected from around the pond can be found in the categories below, but we always welcome new images or just names of things seen around the pond, sent to us by visitors and members.



Fish Swimming


Yellow Flowers