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Riverside Walk


The Riverside Walk takes you along both banks of the Trent, through two completely different environments within such a short distance and in such a short amount of time.

For the first half, you are walking through the wild and natural flood plains south of the River Trent. Once you cross over the Suspension Bridge, built by Severn Trent mainly for utilities but offering a path over too, you reach the more formal and pristine area of Victoria Embankment. This route takes you past two highlight areas - the well-looked after natural environment around Iremongers Pond and Willow Meadow, along with the formal gardens behind the War Memorial; both are worth pausing to enjoy. 

Rough length:

2.2 miles

45 minutes


Some off path area, not appropriate for wheelchairs/pushchairs. Alternative route available.


- Iremongers Pond and Willow Meadow Wildlife/Waterfowl

- Good views at Wilford Suspension Bridge and Toll Bridge

- The Victoria Embankment Memorial Gardens

Riverside Walk.jpg


We suggest you start at the Wilford Village Tram Stop.

Step 1 *

Follow the gravel path down from the flood embankment towards Iremongers Pond from the south-east point of the Tram Stop. Follow this path around the southern and eastern edge of the pond, straight then left keeping the pond on your left-hand side, until you reach Albert's Bay at the north-east corner where you will see an interesting information board on your left followed by two benches in front of you. 

Step 2 *

Follow the rough path to the right of the set of benches, curving around the base of the old railway embankment. You will reach a fork with three paths through the undergrowth (right, along the embankment, and left, toward the river). Follow the middle path towards the Emmanuel School. Keep following this path to the left, turning left to keep parallel with the flood embankment/wall, following the base of the embankment/wall for 0.2 miles (roughly 5 minutes) until it meets the paved path - join this paved path to follow it to your left.

Step 3

Follow the path going eastwards until you reach Wilford Suspension Bridge.Cross the bridge to the north bank of the River Trent. Take the time to enjoy the view midway across towards Trent Bridge. When you reach the other side, you may wish to visit the Memorial Gardens accessible directly in front of you. When ready, follow Step 4.

Step 4

Walk towards the river and follow the path along the river westwards (left from the bridge, right from the Memorial Gardens). Continue to do so until you see Wilford Toll Bridge, at which point, follow the paved path crossing the bank towards the toll booth / tram tracks.

Step 5

Cross the tram tracks and turn left to go across the river and back towards Wilford Village Tram Stop. You will have reached the start point.

- - - - - -

Alternative Accessible Route *

Rather than following Steps 1 and 2, follow the tram tracks east along the southern edge of Iremongers Pond until it turns right to follow the railway embankment. At this point, where Coronation Avenue crosses the tram tracks to reach the Emmanuel School fields, follow the path immediately on your left to remain alongside the river / flood embankment. Remain on this path for 0.4 miles (roughly 7 minutes) and you will eventually lead smoothly into Step 3 at the end of the flood embankment wall.

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