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Colwick Woods


Take an adventure into the historic Colwick Woods, a breath of fresh air from the city.

This long walk takes you on an enjoyable but energetic climb up to Colwick Woods and the old grounds of historic Colwick Hall, featuring picturesque views over the city and county. Enjoy a walk up to Green's Windmill and through areas of the city you may never have ventured. This is an energetic walk with the opportunity to go off track in the name of adventure and good views.

Rough length:

6.5 miles

2 hour, 15 minutes


A large amount of steep hill climbs, some steps and off-path areas. Not recommended for wheelchairs or pushchair users.


- Trent Bridge and City Ground

- Sneinton Greenway

- Colwick Woods and views

- Green's Windmill

- Canalside

Colwick Woods Map.jpg


We suggest you start at the eastern end of Coronation Avenue, at the junction with Vernon Avenue.

Step 1

Follow the flood embankment path continuing straight from the eastern end of Coronation Avenue, across the tram tracks. Following the river, you will remain on this path for 1.5 miles (roughly 30 minutes). After 0.6 miles (roughly 10 minutes), you will have reached Wilford Suspension Bridge - take a sharp right, left to cross in front of the bridge, followed by another left to bring you back to the riverside. Continue along the riverside path. Remain on the riverside path, enjoying views of the War Memorial across the river and County Hall on your right. Once you have passed County Hall and reached Trent Bridge, the path will veer to the right up towards the road. Follow the path directly on your left continuing on the riverside and through the arches below Trent Bridge. Remain on this path as it joins Trentside North (road), continuing past (and below) the City Ground. Continue as you pass over Grantham Canal and past the Environment Agency on your right, reaching Lady Bay Bridge.

Step 2

Immediately before passing underneath Lady Bay Bridge, instead, follow the path to your right bringing you​ to the roadside up some steps. Turn left at the top and follow the pavement, taking you over the River Trent. Continue until you reach the T-Junction with Meadow Lane. Cross Lady Bay Bridge (road) to your right, following the south side of Meadow Lane eastwards. Remain on this side of the road as Meadow Lane reaches the large roundabout. As you reach the eastern edge of the roundabout, cross over, bringing you in front of the KFC restaurant. Follow the pavement followed by the path to your right - across the car park for KFC and the Harley-Davidson Outlet. Take the pedestrian footbridge on your left to cross the railway line. Following the ramp down (not the steps) around two-thirds of the way down, take the steps up to join the Sneinton Greenway footpath.


Step 3

Follow the Sneinton Greenway to your right.​ After 0.3 miles (roughly 6 minutes) take the ramp on your right, bringing you over the railway line. Continue down the ramp and to your left to remain on Sneinton Greenway. When the greenway ends, reaching Racecourse Road, turn left and follow the pavement and road as it joins Colwick Road to your left and crosses the railway line (road level crossing). Very shortly after crossing the railway line, cross the road to the entrance of Colwick Woods (signposted and leading through a stile).

Step 4 *

Follow the path up and into Colwick Woods. After roughly 50 mtrs, you will pass a sharp but unofficial turn to your left - continue straight. After another 100 mtrs, you will pass another signposted turn to your left: for a view south, over Colwick Country Park and towards Wilford, West Bridgford and beyond​, remain on the path straight forwards and follow Alternative Route 1. Otherwise, take the fork to your left. This path will eventually take two left turns - remain on this path. As the path begins to descend, you will find an open clearing to the right (you may need to take a right turn to reach the clearing, depending on foliage coverage). You may wish to venture into this clearing for a picturesque view Westwards of Nottingham City Centre. 

Step 5

When you are ready, continue downwards, ignoring any turns to the left. Eventually, you will reach a T-Junction - take the path to your right, alongside Nottingham Academy on your right, bringing you to Sneinton Boulevard. Turn left on Sneinton Boulevard and follow the road downhill until you reach an opening at the junction with Colwick Road and Sneinton Hermitage (road). Cross over Sneinton Boulevard, passing through the opening in the fence and into the open terrace area. To visit Green's Windmill, follow Alternative Route 2.

Step 6 **

Remain on the side of the road you have just crossed, following it to the left as it becomes Sneinton Hermitage (road). Follow this pavement. As the road bends to the right, look immediately on your right and you will see the remains of the historic Hermitage Caves that were once abundant in the area. Remain on the path running alongside the tall brick wall on your right and away from the road to your left. On your left through the trees, you may be able to see the Sneinton Dragon iron sculpture, quite close to the path. The path will eventually meet the junction of Manvers Street with City Link (road).

Step 7

Cross over Manvers Street bringing you to the centre of the junction. Turn left and cross over again and follow the road to your right, City Link (road). Remain on this tree-lined road until you reach a small junction - follow the small road to your left, bringing you to a diagonal path through the disused industrial estate. This will bring you to the Great Northern Close, with the renovated Great Northern Railway Station (now a gym) on your left. Remain on this road until it crosses the canal - immediately turn right and right again to bring yourself on the path re-crossing the canal and down the steps to follow alongside the canal, southwards. Continue south along the canal for 0.5 miles (roughly 12 minutes) until, having just passed underneath a bridge, you can climb a set of steps on your left bringing you to Meadow Lane.


Step 8

Turning back to your left, cross over the canal to London Road. Follow the road to your left until the first crossing - cross over London Road, then again on your left to bring you to the central island. Follow the short path and cross over Arkwright Street to Bathley Street. Remain on Bathley Street for 0.4 miles (roughly 10 minutes)​ until the junction with Wilford Crescent West on your right. Remain on the footpath continuing slightly to the left, bringing you to Victoria Embankment. Continue to your right along Victoria Embankment, bringing you to the tram tracks and Wilford Toll Bridge. Cross to your left and follow the tram tracks over Wilford Toll Bridge. Continue along the path until, immediately after Wilford Village Tram Stop, you can cross over the tracks. Do so and continue to follow the tram tracks until you have reached the start point.

- - - - - -

Alternative Route 1 *

For a view south, over Colwick Country Park, towards Wilford, West Bridgford and beyond​, remain on the path straight forwards​. You will eventually meet a definite fork with a left turn, signposted towards 'Greenwood Road (east and central)' or an unofficial path straight on. Take the left turn bringing you along the old hillside bricked roadway to Colwick Hall. Continue until, shortly after the bricked downward gradient, you reach a definite opening with a sharp right turn, signposted towards greenwood road (east and central). Take this right turn which will eventually curve to your left. Continue down the steps of the small valley and back up the other side, remaining in a straight line. You are walking along the historic Colwick Cutting cliff face, a geological site from the Triassic age and may see the cliff from veering off the path towards your right.


Continue straight with the green fence on your right-hand side until the field on your left-hand side - take the turn to your left to bring you into the open field. Continue along the base of the open field, to your right, until a clear beaten track goes at a distinct right angle to your left towards the top of the hill. Venture to the top of this hill for a picturesque view (back in the direction from which you have walked) towards Colwick Park, racecourse, West Bridgford, Wilford, Clifton and Ratcliffe-on-Soar (the Power Station). 


When you are ready to continue with the route, you can walk back along the paths you have just taken and take the turn avoided in Step 4 (a right turn from this direction). Alternatively, for a route without re-treading the exact same route, you can walk down the hill from which you have just walked - hugging the tree line on your right-hand side. When you reach the bottom of the open area, following the path into the wooded area, take the first right-hand turn. Remain on this path until you recognise a definite opening noted in the beginning of this alternative route. Take the sharp left-hand turn signposted 'Colwick Road' (west) bringing you up the bricked path up the valley side. Continue on this path, taking the right hand turn to remain on the official signposted path and along the top of the cliff until you return to the first signposted turn as per Step 4.

Alternative Route **

Follow Sneinton Hollows (road) directly ahead of you until you reach a T-Junction with Sneinton Dale (road) and Dale Street. Turn left onto Dale Street and cross over the road to meet Belvoir Hill (road) going uphill on your right. Take this road to bring you in front of Green's Windmill - enjoy the views from this park area then, when you are ready, return to Dale Street. Follow Dale Street to your right until you can cross over the zebra crossing - do so, continuing along the street then taking the immediate left turn onto Notintone Street - enjoying the view of St Stephen's Church on your left. Continue down Notintone Street, taking the right turn at the end onto Newark Street. Cross over Newark Street, continuing to your right until the junction with Lower Eldon Street - take the street on your left, bringing you to Manvers Street. Follow Manvers Street to your left until you meet the junction with City Link (road).

Continue from Step 7.


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