Members of Wilford Community Group are currently working on a project to document Wilford's local heritage through recording stories, presenting history, and engaging the local community. The current plan is to complete the project by Summer 2022.
The Wilford Heritage Project will focus on the history available at each resident's doorstep.  We would like your help to make it a reality and to ensure crucial funding from the Heritage Lottery to make it possible. Please read the below brief description and answer a few questions below to help us build up the project's support.
Residents will be able to share their joy and learning with neighbours, not only building their awareness of the heritage and history on their doorsteps, but building links between households that had not been present before. The heritage is there to be gathered, preserved, and celebrated.   
Current Situation: 

The Heritage Project has received funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Due to COVID-19, applications had been put on indefinite hold, delaying the project. This was an unfortunate roadblock in the application which had been ready to be submitted. 

Some community members have offered donations towards the project - these are gratefully accepted to the Community Group. Please get in touch if you have any kind desire to do so.

Anyone interested in participating, volunteering, or supporting the Heritage Trail is kindly invited to email Daniel at WilfordCG@Hotmail.com.

Key Parts of the Plan


The Oral History will seek to record and share the oral history of local residents and ensure that local memories are never forgotten. This will be done in close cooperation with local schools, charities and resident groups to develop long-lasting links.



The Trail will focus on amalgamating and projecting the history of local buildings, figures, and historic events to a wider audience through attractive and approachable information panels. 



Finally, the Festival will look to enthuse the entire local community to celebrate and recognise the heritage they are surrounded by in a way that brings together every generation from every corner of the community. The festival will also celebrate and launch the Heritage Trail and online archive of Oral History. On the day, each station of the trail will be brought to life through Medieval Reenactments, Victorian lessons in the School yard and Edwardian Cream Tea on the Green.