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Iremongers Pond Association

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Timeline of the IPA

September 2003

October 2007

5 November 2007

January 2008

February 2010

14 March 2011

March 2012

May 2012

August 2015

February 2017

February 2020

Nott’s Anglers Association vacates the pond. Since then the pond had fallen into disuse and had become a dumping ground for all kinds of rubbish.

The Iremongers Pond Association first began to be formed in October 2007 when the Environment Agency contacted Wilford Community Association. Under their Flood Alleviation Scheme they intended to link the pond to the River Trent by a short channel to provide an additional buffer for flood waters in those rare events. At this point a few local residents were contacted by the Community Group to ask if they would consider forming a group to oversee the development and management of the pond.

In November, a small team of about 6 were quickly formed and made the necessary arrangements to create an independent association but still closely linked to the Wilford Community Group. Our initial meeting was held in the Wilford Social and Bowls Club. We entered into discussions with the Environment Agency and negotiated practical improvements to reopen the pond to both anglers and other visitors.

The group negotiated with the Environment agency for them to install an access path, dipping platform & two benches at the South East Corner of the pond, along with 3 (chair accessible) fishing pegs along the southeastern edge of the pond. This work was paid for by the Environment Agency as part of their "Flood Alleviation Scheme"  to link the pond to the river by a channel. 

The next stage of development enabled us to continue the path up the eastern edge of the pond, to the bridge over the channel, at that stage simple concrete " Stepping Stones ". We were also able to include the installation of 3 new fishing platforms and these are also at path level and so are accessible by push chair and wheel-chair users. We were also able to install a wooden bridge to make crossing the channel easier. Support and Funding for this was obtained from the Environment Agency.

Phase 3 completed with continuation of the path from the bridge over the channel to run alongside the Western edge of the pond and meet up with the access path. We were successful in obtaining a grant to improve the access pathway and for the construction of 9 new platforms and steps along this western bank. This project was funded through the Community Spaces programme which is being managed by Groundwork UK as an Award Partner to the Big Lottery Fund. Community Spaces is part of the Big Lottery Fund’s Changing Spaces initiative.

Start of the Tram workings in early 2012 including the removal of a portion of the railway embankment, reinforcing of the southern flood embankment and redirection of the entrance. The whole of the open area adjacent to the west bank , the southern bank and the south eastern quarter of the pond are largely cordoned off with fences and construction works for the "Nottingham Express Transit - Tram" workings. Walkers and fishermen are still able to access the pond and pathways but things will be difficult, especially during periods of flooding for the immediate future.  

Installation of the Swales - the new rainwater drainage settlement pond is created on the removed top of the old railway embankment. This will be used to remove contaminants of oil, salt or similar from the water draining off the new tram line. This was a significant change insisted upon by us, the IPA, with the backing of the Environment Agency and changed NET's original design to drain straight into the pond.

NET Phase 2, Clifton Branch, finally opened. Complete access to the pond is finally re-established. The new layout and perimeter of the pond gives a fresh start and helps to alleviate some earlier issues, such as nuisance through traffic from school children, that had become an issue for tree planting and wildlife.

After our successful participation in "Tesco Bags of Help" funding application for our "Community Orchard Project, the group was awarded second place. The funding from this enables us to make developments in several areas, including the development of the western bank with an orchard containing several fruit trees, and eventually a seating & pick-nick area, and the repair and renovation of the paths and fishing pegs around the pond.

A beautiful grove of flowering cherry trees are planted on the eastern side of the swales (small ponds), having been donated by the Japanese Embasy under the "Sakura Cherry tree Project". In the spring and early summer, these will make a very fine display and reintroduces Wilford's historic connection with cherries. They 

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The Iremongers Pond Association has worked very hard over the years and has been recognised by several organisations Here are some awards with the appropriate dates.

Green Flag Award 2021

You may have heard in the news but Iremongers Pond have been awarded a GREEN FLAG AWARD for the 10th year running

Green Pennant Award 2011

This year we were asked to enter the National Green Flag award scheme by Nottingham City Council. We were judged back in early July and heard that we had been successful in August. The Chair & Secretary attended the “It’s your Neighbourhood Awards” ceremony at the Nottingham Council House on 22nd September to be presented with our latest award.

East Midlands in Bloom - Outstanding Award 2010

Since we took over the pond site in 2008 we have worked hard to continually improve both the pond and surrounding area for the benefit of the wildlife and local community. We have been and still are grateful to a number of organisations and individuals who have provided us with help and support.

This spring we obtained some plants and shrubs through the Nottingham in Bloom scheme to help improve the fauna around the site. A few months later a judge visited the site to see what difference the planting had made and was amazed with the results. To quote “This community led entry is an excellent example of what can be achieved when people are committed to making a difference to their area.”

National Association of Neighbourhood Management Awards 2009

IPA Winners of the Cleaner & Greener Innovation Award

On November 18th 2009 we to attended the NANM awards, as we were shortlisted for the Cleaner & Greener Innovation Award. We had been nominated by Nottingham City Council for the outstanding work we had done in and around the pond over the last two years. Quite frankly we were amazed to be even nominated for a national award, let alone feel we had a chance to win it.

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