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Walks Around Wilford

Here in Wilford, we're very lucky to have a wide breadth of natural settings in easy walking distance.

With many of us finding more time to enjoy the landscape around us, we are putting together a collection of the community's favourite walking routes. Each walk will include details on accessibility, length and highlights to make picking a new walking route easier than walking down your street! 

Our favourite locals:

Wilford Map.jpg

Further afield walks:

To submit a walk to be featured in the Walks Around Wilford collection, please contact us directly at


Please include your email address - photos or additional details may be requested before sharing.

Please note, we will try to display all submitted walks. However, ultimately listing is at the administrator's discretion.

Is there a problem with this route? Or maybe the formatting of this page?

Our walking routes collection is an ongoing project of love and community spirit, help us by sharing any problems you've had with the route or website. Email us at

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