Wilford Boundary


Feeling energetic? Enjoy a full walk around the boundary of Wilford (or at least the city part of it)


Amalgamating highlights from several of our favourite walks, this short trek takes you across the entire area with tranquil walks along the River Trent, Fairham Brook, around Iremongers Pond and along the Tram Track. This walk gives you the full breadth of Wilford's variety of environments whilst giving you more than your needed daily exercise!

Rough length:

4.5 miles

1 hour, 25 minutes


Some off-path area and steps, not appropriate for wheelchairs/pushchairs. Accessible route available.


- Iremongers Pond

- St Wilfrid's Church

- Trent Riverside

- Fairham Brook


We suggest you start at Wilford Lane Tram Stop.

Step 1

Follow the path alongside the Tram Tracks northwards for some time. Eventually, the tracks will make a sharp left turn. Rather than following the tracks, follow the path to your right reaching the top of the flood embankment. 

Step 2 *

Take an immediate left at the top to follow a sloped track down towards the Swales and Iremongers Pond. Once you reach the south-east corner of the pond, follow the gravel track along the right bank northwards between the pond and Old Railway Embankment. Continue around the northern edge of the pond. Immediately after crossing the inlet from the River to the Pond, continue straight towards Wilford Toll Bridge. When you reach the base of the bridge, follow the rough path under the left-most arch of the bridge and onto Moderns Rugby Pitch.

Step 3 *

Follow the right-most edge of the field around until you reach the gravel carpark below the flood embankment. Follow the track ramp up and down on your left, reaching Rectory Drive and the Ferry Inn in the distance ahead. Turn sharp right and you will be facing the back gate to St Wilfrid's Churchyard.

Step 4

Entering St Wilfrid's Churchyard, you have three options of walks to reach the opposite gate. You can either make a sharp left to walk along the hedgerow and line of seasonal bluebells and following the edge of the graveyard towards the gate or, continuing forwards towards the old gazebo, you can choose to walk around the right-hand side of the church or left, past the grave of Captain John Deane. All paths will eventually reach the gate at the far end. Follow this through to the Paddock and St Wilfrid's Church Drive. Continue until you meet the Village Green and Main Road. 

Step 5

Continue south along Main Road (without crossing) - you will eventually walk up along the Bee Bank.​ As you reach the end of the Bee Bank wall, follow the path through the stile on your right to continue along the riverbank. Continue along this path, remaining on the rightmost path when it eventually splits to descend to the foot of the flood embankment.

Step 6 **

Remain on this path, continuing below Clifton Bridge, until you reach the Trent Riverwalk Carpark. Following the left ramp out of the carpark, cross the road at the crossing on your left-hand side. Upon crossing Clifton Lane, turn right and follow the main pavement to the left, continuing through the subway beneath the Clifton Lane flyover - you may prefer to not use the subway, if so, follow Alternative Route 2.  When you reach Westerfield Way (Silverdale), cross the road and follow the road to your right until it forks with the road continuing to the left and Silverdale Roundabout to your right.

Step 7 ***

Cross over the left fork of Westerfield Way​, towards Silverdale Roundabout. Take the first turn left, bringing you down a set of steps and alongside Fairham Brook. Follow the path alongside Fairham Brook for 0.5 miles (roughly 12 minutes), ignoring the to your left midway through. You will reach a T-Junction - follow the path to your right, over Fairham Brook. Reaching immediately another T-Junction, take the left turn and follow the path. You will shortly reach a Y-Junction - take the left turn, marked by yellow paving at the entrance, bringing you alongside the tram tracks.

Step 8

Remain on the path following the tram tracks, continuing below Clifton Boulevard, until you reach Ruddington Lane. Cross Ruddington Lane and swap to walk alongside the right-hand side of the tram tracks. Remain walking alongside the tram tracks, passing Compton Acres Tram Stop, until you make it to Wilford Lane. Cross over Wilford Lane and you will have reached the start point.

- - - - - -

Accessible Route 1 *

Rather than following Steps 2 and 3, follow Coronation Avenue west towards the Ferry Inn. Continue in the same direction along Rectory Drive following through to Step 4.

Accessible Route 2 **

Rather than passing through the subway, take the immediate right turn, passing a bus stop, bringing you to the roundabout. Take the crossing on your left to cross below the fly-over - continue over the second road and bringing you to another bus stop. Follow the path directly behind and perpendicular to the bus stop. Cross over Westerfield Way bringing you to the corner of the T-Junction and Step 7.

Accessible Route 3 ***

Follow Westerfield Way on your left, running alongside the flood embankment on your right. Remain on here for 0.2 miles (roughly 5 minutes) until you reach Brookthorpe Way. Cross over Brookthorpe Way and follow the road to your right for 0.2 miles (roughly 5 minutes) until you reach the junction with Monksway (road) and The Downs (road). Cross over Monksway, followed by The Downs on your right, bringing you to a path into the wooded area and back towards Fairham Brook. Continue along this path, following it to the left at the the first Y-Junction, remaining on the path for 0.3 miles (roughly 6 minutes).


You will reach a T-Junction - follow the path to your right, over Fairham Brook. Reaching immediately another T-Junction, take the left turn and follow the path. You will shortly reach another Y-Junction - take the left turn, marked by yellow paving at the entrance, bringing you alongside the tram tracks. Continue from Step 8.

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