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Gresham Marsh


Take a walk on the wild but tranquil side with history, adventure and variety.

Follow what remains of the historic route between Wilford Village and Trent Bridge. Discover the exciting boardwalk at Gresham Marsh, venture under the community's two historic railway bridges, and enjoy a tranquil walk alongside the village allotments.​ This is an easy walk going along paths often underused in the area. 

Rough length:

1.2 miles

25 minutes


Quite a bit of off-path area, not appropriate for wheelchairs/pushchairs.


- Gresham Sports and Playing Fields

- Gresham Marsh

- Wilford Village Allotmants

Gresham Walk.jpg


We suggest you start at the Village Green, at the junction of Main Road and St Wilfrids Church Drive.

Step 1

Cross Main Road from the Village Green to follow Holly Avenue until the road bends to the right with a track to your left bordering the allotments. Immediately in front of you, on the right of the allotments, is a public path bordering the houses of Holly Avenue (there is a small signpost pointing the way). Follow this footpath taking you alongside South Wilford Primary School's fields and bringing you to a railway bridge. Continuing under this bridge and crossing the tram tracks, you reach Gresham Sports Fields.

Step 2

Turn right along the path and walk briefly until you meet The Becket's astro-turf pitch fence on your left. Follow the left edge of the fence, perpendicular to the previous path, bringing you to a small rise, slightly on your left, onto a path ​alongside another larger fence. Continuing along this path, you will reach Gresham Playing Fields and a paved path running perpendicular to the route you are on.

Step 3

Continue in a straight line with the tree-line on your left until you reach Gresham Park Road. Cross the road to reach the entry path to Gresham Marsh and boardwalk (at the end of the pavement coming from your left). Follow this path, crossing the boardwalk and following the subsequent path until you reach the flood embankment path and wall in front of you.

Step 4

Stepping up the slight hill onto the flood embankment, turn left to follow the path.​ Continue until the path declines to meet the tram tracks. Follow the path to your left following between the Emmanuel Playing Fields on your left and the Tram Tracks and old railway embankment on your right.

Step 5

Continue along this path for only 0.1 miles (roughly 2 minutes) until the first crossing to your right, bringing you to another railway bridge (the Pigeon Bridge). Cross here and continue under the bridge and along the footpath. On your left are the Wilford Village Allotments. Continue on this path until you reach Holly Avenue. Turn right and continue back along Holly Avenue until you have reached the Village Green at Main Road. You will have reached the start point.

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