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Wilford Field


Enjoy a green oasis you might never have known existed.

Many years ago, this patch of land was a dump (literally!). Nowadays, it is a beautiful oasis of wildlife in the middle of a rapidly developing community. This is a pleasant circular walk with the ability to decide how you enjoy Wilford Field at the centre of the walk. Good for dogs, wildlife and a little taste of adventure.

Rough length:

1.1 miles - 1.4 miles

20 minutes - 30 minutes


Accessible route, all on pavement.

Alternative off-path area, not appropriate for wheelchairs/pushchairs.


- Wilford Field open meadow and wooded areas

- Gresham Brook and Duck Pond

Fields Walk.jpg


We suggest you start at the Junction of Compton Acres and Wilford Lane.

Step 1

Follow Wilford Lane east, turning right out of Compton Acres, remaining on the right-hand side alongside Roko. When you reach the first pelican /signalled crossing, you will see a path, Nightingale Grove, on your right going alongside the new Wilford Fields housing development.

Step 2

Follow the path​ for 0.2 miles (roughly 5 minutes) you will first pass a turn to your left, then only a few metres later, next bringing you to a triangular junction. At this point, you can turn right to access Wilford Field or follow the path leftto remain on the route.

Step 3 *

Carry on straight forward for 400ft to the first turn right. On your left, behind the trees, you can see Rushcliffe Arena and the Rushcliffe Borough Council. Take this right turn and follow this path for 0.2 miles (roughly 5 minutes), you will pass a small duck pond on your right. Continue until you reach the first right turn over a small bridge. Take this right turn​. You will reach the other access point for Wilford Field.

Step 4

Follow the path straight forward (or right, if exiting Wilford Field). Continue following the path for 0.2 miles (roughly 5 minutes) as it bends to the left to reach Compton Acres (road). Turn right and follow Compton Acres for 0.1 miles (roughly 3 minutes) until you reach the crossroads and you will have reached the start point.​

- - - - - -

Alternative Wilford Field Route *

Rather than following Step 3, turn right into Wilford Field. You have many options for how to enjoy this area - there is a traversable circular walk around the field, choosing either right or left to get from one side to the other. Alternatively, you can go directly across. When you reach the opposite side, resume the route from Step 4.

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