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Clifton Bridge


Enjoy a round trip along the river banks of the Trent, featuring some stunning views and tranquil moments.

This circular walk takes you up and over two bridges along the Trent, and along the banks of the River Trent far away from the traffic and bustle of Nottingham. This walk gives you the fun opportunity to see both sides of the river in a delightful comparison between the calm village side of Wilford and the even more tranquil riverside views from the north bank.

Rough length:

3.2 miles

60 minutes


All of path is paved or driven in gravel. Will be reasonably accessible though with some lengthy inclines.


- St Wilfrid's Churchyard

- Trent Riverside

- Clifton Bridge

Clifton Bridge Walk.jpg


We suggest you start at the southern edge of the Bee Bank on Main Road.

Step 1

Follow the Bee Bank path and, subsequently, Main Road north until you reach the Village Green. Turning left, follow St Wilfrid's Church Drive and into the churchyard. You have three options of walks to reach the opposite gate. You can either make a sharp right to walk along the hedgerow, following the edge of the graveyard, then left along the seasonal bluebell-lined path towards the gate or, continuing forwards towards the church porch, you can choose to walk around the right-hand side of the church, past the grave of Captain John Deane, or left along the river bank and, looking across the river, seeing the path you will be walking along soon. All paths will eventually reach the gate at the far end. Follow from this gate along Rectory Drive past Moderns Rugby Club and to the corner of Main Road and Coronation Avenue with the Ferry Inn on your right.


Step 2

Turn left to go between the two car parks and up, towards the tram tracks.​ Follow this path straight towards and over Wilford Toll Bridge. Upon crossing the river, immediately turn left to follow Riverside Way. Remain on the cycle/footpath, joining Queens Drive, alongside the river for some time. Across the river, you can view the church, gazebo and Henry Kirke White Manor House. Continue until you can see the Bee Bank wall directly opposite you on the other side of the river. Shortly after this point, a footpath will turn off to the left of Queens Drive. Take this path.

Step 3

Following this path, you will gradually come closer to and more level with the river. Remain on this footpath for some time. Enjoy the tranquil views across the river. Eventually, you will come to Clifton Bridge above you. Continue below the bridge and take the tarmac track on your right rather than continuing along the riverside (this will take you all the way to Beeston). Continue along this track, merging with Lenton Lane, to your right alongside Clifton Bridge/Boulevard. This will take you past the entrance to Sat Bains, Nottingham Outlaws and Riverside Family Golf Centre. You will eventually meet a sharp right turn bringing you back up towards the level of Clifton Bridge.

Step 4

Follow​ this footpath on your right to meet Clifton Boulevard going south over Clifton Bridge. Continue over the bridge - make sure you enjoy the views west over the River Trent and along Clifton Grove. When ready, continue over Clifton Bridge. Either take the steps on your right or continue for the gradual ramp bringing you to Clifton Lane. On your left, cross Clifton Lane to the other side of the road - walking up the bank to the pavement on top. Turn left and follow the path down to the car park on your right.

Step 5

Turning right, again, follow the path leaving the car park along the bottom of the flood embankment and underneath Clifton Bridge. Continue along this path alongside the river. It will eventually bring you up and over the flood embankment wall and alongside the houses/garden fences on your right. Continue until you reach the stile at the southern edge of the Bee Bank

and you will have reached the start point.

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