Q1 - What is the name of the Cottages on the edge of the Green? 

Glebe Cottages

Q2 - Which number house is on the far left of the Cottages?



Q3 - How many windows can you see on the Hall’s first floor?


Q4 - What is the name of the War Graves in the cemetery?

Commonwealth War Graves

Q5 - Who is buried in the first grave in the Hidden Graveyard?

Albert Iremonger

Q6 - What year was Captain Deane part of the Russian Navy till? 


Q7 - Before you leave the back-gate of the graveyard, whose name appears on the last stone on your right?​

Amelia Grey

Q8 - What do the letters M. R. C. stand for on the big red-brick building on your left?
Moderns Rugby Club

Q9 - What type of boat is the white building on your right named after?

Ferry Boat

Q10 - Which of these could you pick in the Community Orchards?


Q11 - What is the name of Albert Iremonger’s Brother?

James (Jim)

Q12 - Which road (avenue) does Coronation Avenue lead to?

Vernon Avenue

Q13 - What colour is the Post Box on the corner of Holly Avenue?

Q14 - How many big stone balls can you see on the fence on your left?


Q15 - What number house is in the big white building on your left?

110 (a/b)

Q16 - How many big trees are there on the triangular green in front of the school?

Q17 - How many metal bees can you count on the Bee-Bank?


Q18 - How many bee-hives can you see on the Community Notice Board?


Q19 - What are the names of the two familiar bears trying to get the honey?

Paddington and Winnie The Pooh

Q20 - How many big trees are there on the Village Green?

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