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Wilford Safari Sale 2022
10:00am - 2:00pm, Saturday 10th September 

Bringing Summer to a close, we're organising a Wilford-wide Safari Sale

A Safari Sale is when residents and local businesses sell items from the comfort of their driveways or front gardens.
You can register for the safari sale here. We're asking for a £5 contribution from everyone that joins to cover the cost of running the event. Any profits will go straight back into future community group events.​


Get involved - get your neighbours involved too. 

The sale covers the whole of Wilford, from the Ruddington lane tram stop to the Wilford Village tram stop. Those that were most successful in the sale last year had neighbours signed up too, so don't forget to get your neighbours involved too. 


Watch this space for updates...

Help us promote the sale - Posters to download and print. 

Safari Sale Poster